What’s happening in April?

It’s officially autumn in Melbourne but nobody told the weather gods. Glorious warm days continue. I love this time of year. Gorgeous gardens, chilly nights and time to dust off the slow cooker.

Exciting news! At the London Book Fair, Harlequin announced the new series I’m writing for…HARLEQUIN DARE. Launching in January 2018, these books sizzle! I have a trilogy coming out with Dare and I can’t wait for reader feedback!

If you fancy women’s fiction…SAVING SARA is the #1 bestselling women’s fiction/romance novel in the UK & Australia! And hit the #1 kindle spot in Australia! Currently on sale in the USA and the UK.

And the sequel, RESCUING ROSE, released October 4th to many 5 star reviews. Readers are raving about both books so pick up your copies now! Currently on sale in the USA and the UK.

SEVEN SUPER FOOTBALL ROMANCES is out now, including my novel BOLD, and featuring 7 football-themed romances. Only $0.99!

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