Hot Island Nights 


Book 1

What happens on the island stays on the island…

Allegra Wilks’s well-planned life has imploded, personally and professionally. To save her company, she reluctantly embarks on a trip that would’ve been her honeymoon to land the luxury eco-island resort’s lucrative advertising account. But when a lingerie mishap at the airport lands her in the arms of a sexy Aussie, Allegra has no idea just how crazy her life’s about to get.
Jett Alcott is headed to a South Pacific resort to secure an advertising account that will resurrect his reputation after his best friend ran his business into the ground. Discovering the tantalizing Allegra on his flight is an unexpected bonus as he envisages a week mixing business and pleasure. But Jett’s unaware Allegra’s his nemesis and after a sizzling week together there’s more at stake than his heart.

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Book 2

Zoe Keaton’s bad-girl attitude is renowned for landing her in trouble. So when her advertising executive job is on the line and she travels to Italy to land a vital business deal, she has to rein in every natural instinct to flirt with royalty.
But the guy she needs to convince, the totally hot yet closed-off Prince Dominic Ricci has no intention of listening to her pitch. Zoe never gives up so with the queen’s help she does whatever it takes to get the job done.
Including kidnapping the prince!

However, she doesn’t count on the matchmaking queen’s interference stranding Zoe and Dominic on the royal family’s secluded island. Zoe can’t afford to mix business with pleasure. She must prove that she’s more than an entitled rich girl who bought her way to success. But who can resist a sexy prince and when Dominic turns on the charm the latent chemistry between them ignites. Zoe knows it’s just a sizzling fling…or can a gorgeous Italian prince hiding a tragic past fall for a girl like her?

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