July 25th

A secret child will tear a small town apart.

Marisa is the town busybody in the affluent suburb of Gledhill in the Hamptons. She gave up everything to be Mrs. Avery Thurston, and now that her twin girls have left home her life lacks a purpose; coffee and gossip with her best friends Elly and Claireare all she has left.

When Jodi, a vulnerable, pregnant girl turns up on her doorstep, Marisa is quick to act: abandoning hosting duties at the fancy party she’s throwing to come to the young girl’s aid. Marisa realises that this helpless girl might be the answer to her prayers, and Jodi might need someone to care for her baby.

But Jodi isn’t just an innocent young girl. The father of her unborn child is someone the women know very well.

Rather than solving Marisa’s problems, Jodi’s arrival is about to break her life apart…

The Scandal has a twist that will take your breath away. An emotionally charged novel about secrets, affairs and perfect small towns that will be devoured by fans of Kerry Fisher, Big Little Lies and The Other Woman.


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Releasing UK June 24th

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Releasing AU/NZ June 18th

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