Scion of the Sun

SCION OF THE SUNSCION-OF-THE-SUN_Nicola-Marsh_Final_Cover-Only
When 16 year old Holly Burton enters C.U.L.T., a boarding school for the freakishly gifted, and discovers she can teleport to Eiros, NYC’s grungy Innerworld, her geeky life is transformed into a quest for Arwen, a biokinetic icon capable of altering human DNA.
Her choices?  Find Arwen, save the world from Cadifor, the Lord of Darkness.  Fail, she dies.
Throw in a mom who abandoned her as a baby and is now siding with Cadifor, a twin she never knew existed, an ancient bond to Belenus, the Sun God, and a sexy alpha warrior sworn to protect her and Holly’s C.U.L.T. timetable of Ogham, Botanomancy and Semantics is looking surprisingly tame in comparison.




Some stories shimmer into my subconscious in that half-awake/half-asleep state in bed. May be a title for a story, a first line, a first paragraph. With SCION OF THE SUN the first line zapped into my mind and the rest of the story developed from there.
I scrawled the first paragraph in the dark one night and tried to make sense of it the next day…and that’s when the ideas really started to flow!

I also have a fascination for crystals and wanted them to be a central theme to my story, but never quite knew they’d have such a prominent role!

As I’m a romance writer, I wanted my teenage heroine Holly to have a touch of romance too…never expecting her warrior Joss to turn out so alpha! Or for her close friend Quinn to be quite so keen on her. Can’t wait to see how this love triangle develops in the future books.

I hope you enjoy reading Scion of the Sun. I’m looking forward to writing the next 2 books in the Solar Snatchers trilogy.