Bombshell Series

Good girls finish last? Screw that.
Being a small town girl isn’t so bad. Unless Mom’s the town joke and I’ve spent my entire life shying away from her flamboyance. College in Las Vegas should be so much cooler. But it’s not. Bad things happen. Real bad.
So when my brother Reid offers me an all-expenses paid vacation to Australia for a month, I am so there. Discounting the deadly snakes on the outback cattle station, I should be safe. Until I meet Jack.
Jack defines bad boy and then some. He’s big, buffed, bronzed, and hotter than any guy I’ve ever met. His sexy Aussie accent makes me melt. And the guy can cook.
But he’s my brother’s new bestie and he lives on the other side of the world. There’s no future for us.  Is there?

Some characters demand their story be told. Jess and Jack are those characters. Their sizzling romance featured in BRASH, book 1 of my burlesque bombshell series. Do I have favourite characters? Absolutely, and these two were unforgettable.
I couldn’t forget them.
So with the popularity of New Adult fiction at an all time high, I thought it was the perfect time to resurrect their romance… a decade earlier!
The timeline of their first meeting in Australia outlined in Brash fit perfectly for NA.
Jess is an 18-year-old good girl.
Jack is a 20-year-old bad boy.
Together? They’re a world of trouble.



Jess Harper is so tired of being good…
Thrust into the dazzle of Burlesque Bombshells, Vegas’s premier dance venue, the small town librarian has no option but to embrace her inner vixen.  Especially when blast from her past, sexy Aussie celebrity chef Jack McVeigh is still determined to keep their relationship strictly hands-off.
This time Jess isn’t surrendering without a fight and armed with her hot props and Bombshell moves, Jack doesn’t stand a chance. When Jess and Jack are sequestered on an island to orchestrate the burlesque wedding of the year, sun, surf and sizzling sex are on the menu!
But will the fiery couple come back for seconds?
Last year, a friend of mine got married. Her theme? A burlesque wedding! That was enough to spark a flurry of story ideas for me and BRASH was born.
The glamorous world of burlesque intrigued me and I had a ball researching some gorgeous pictures online and interviewing my friend.
However, several characters strutted into my head so I knew one book wouldn’t be enough. Jess has her story in BRASH, with Adele’s story to follow in BLUSH, and Chantal in BOLD.
Ready to unleash your inner glamazon? Indulge in BRASH!
Laying it all on the line for love…
Adele Radcliff has worked hard to erase the sins of her past. The ex-burlesque dancer is now an accountant in Vegas and has her life on track. Until one steamy interlude with her friend’s brother changes everything…
Reid Harper may be tired of the hand-shaking, back-slapping and baby-kissing, but politics is all he knows. His job consumes him. Until he meets Adele and the gorgeous redhead becomes his new focus. Reid wants a relationship, Adele doesn’t. A decision reinforced when Adele discovers she’s pregnant. She has too many secrets to hide and can’t risk Reid getting too close.
But Reid has other ideas and when he learns the startling truth, how far will he go to prove their future is more important than the past?


If you’ve read book 1 in the Burlesque Bombshell series, BRASH, you’ll know that Jess’s brother Reid and her friend Adele demanded their own story.At the conclusion of Brash, Reid and Adele meet at a mutual friend’s wedding, and that’s where BLUSH kicks off.
A hot island night, two strangers desperate to escape their past and…well, let’s just say these two can’t stay away from each other, even when they head home to Vegas and LA respectively.
Before you ask, yes, Chantal and Zane, the super hot Aussie Rules champion footballer, will have their sizzling romance and wrap up the series in 2014.




Chantal Kramer is a confident, successful businesswoman and running Burlesque Bombshells, the premier dance revue venue in Vegas, is her life.
Until sexy Aussie footballer Zane Harrison arrives in town and turns it upside down.
She doesn’t have time for cocky jocks but as she sees Zane connect with the family he’s never met, she discovers he’s more than just a pretty face.

Zane is in Vegas to meet his father and half-brothers, a part of his family he never knew existed.
He’s determined to forget the sins of his past and forge a new future. With Chantal by his side.

But Chantal knows for Zane to embrace his family the way he deserves, she has to set him free.
As business wars with pleasure, the golden couple discover that love may just conquer all.


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I’m an Aussie Rules Football fanatic. Have loved the sport, in particular the North Melbourne Kangaroos, since I was little. So I relished the opportunity to write an Aussie Rules football hero. Zane is lost: his career has ended and he’s searching for the family he never knew he had. He’s vulnerable. Chantal, the owner of a burlesque venue in Vegas, isn’t. She’s confident. At the top of her game. But when she falls for Zane, her inner vulnerabilities are exposed and she’d forced to make an impossible choice.
Life is all about choices and I like my characters to face the tough stuff as much as we, as readers, do.




Wyatt Harrison is a geek and proud of it. The IT freelancer prefers delving into the mysteries of motherboards than women. Until he upgrades the computer systems at Vegas’s premier revue venue Burlesque Bombshells, where he’s confronted by the biggest mystery of them all, stunning choreographer Ashlin O’Meara.

Ashlin prefers brawn to brains. She likes her men uncomplicated for a reason. But there’s something about Wyatt that she can’t resist. Unable to achieve satisfaction in the bedroom for years, he could be the guy to push all her right buttons.

However, Wyatt’s no fool, and in agreeing to a short-term fling with the sexy geek, will her devastating secret of the past be revealed, resulting in the collapse of her carefully constructed life?

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There’s something infinitely sexy about an intelligent guy. A guy who’s a little geeky and a lot hot! And what better woman to pit this kind of guy against than a woman who wears her confidence like a badge of honour, but who’s really a quivering mess beneath? I loved matching  Wyatt and Ashlin together. They really do encapsulate the old adage, opposites attract.